Frequently Asked MOLDetect® Questions

How are the MOLDetect® mold samples analyzed?

The tape sample(s) are stained with a dye and then examined microscopically at 1000-times magnification by an experienced, highly-trained laboratory technologist.

How long does it take to to get the mold test results?

Once received by the lab, results are reported within 2 to 3 business days. Once available, the results are emailed, faxed or phone called to communicate the information immediately. A written report will also be sent by regular mail, along with a very informative information booklet.

Is the MOLDetect® report easy to read and understand?

The laboratory report that you get with MOLDetect® is very easy to understand. It lists the predominant or most important mold spores present in the sample and also reports what the results suggest (yellow column of results page). Some possibilities of interpretations include "fungal growth", "fungal growth or contamination in the vicinity", or "normal assortment of outdoor spore types".

What if I have additional questions about my results?

If you have additional questions regarding what the results mean or what to do next, you can always contact us during regular business hours (Monday through Friday 9 am to 5 pm) or email anytime. We would be happy to discuss any issues with you.

Who should use a MOLDetect® test kit?

MOLDetect® test kits are easy to use and can be used by anyone who wants to rule out or confirm the presences of mold abnormal types or distributions of spores that indicate the presence of indoor mold growth.

"Fungal growth in buildings is undesirable and may cause health problems for building occupants...indoor fungal growth is inappropriate and should be removed." [ACGIH Bioaerosols Assessment and Control 7.4.2].