About MOLDetect®

MOLDetect's mold test kit was created due to a recognized need for an easy-to use, all inclusive, standardized method to sample and identify mold contaminants in indoor environments. The kit has been used very successfully in performing thousands of on-site mold evaluations by both individual consumers and professional samplers.

MOLDetect results are now backed by an AIHA-LAP, LLC accredited laboratory. No other DIY tape kit on the market offers this level of technical analysis. Why does being accredited matter? In order to qualify for accreditation you must participate in proficiency testing 4 times per year and must achieve a score of at least 85% to be considered proficient. We also must maintain a robust Quality Manual and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's) that are reviewed onsite by an auditor every two year. This makes our results defensible in court, where a lab without accreditation wouldn't be able to provide that assurance.

Our reporting process has evolved over the past to provide extensive background information on mold contaminants identified, as well as providing feedback on potential actions that can be taken based on the results. With MOLDetect you are taking the same type of samples a professional would take at a fraction of the cost.