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confirm or rule out indoor fungal growth

To confirm or rule out indoor fungal growth & identify the MOLD types present.

(including Stachybotrys, often called ‘toxic or black mold’)

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      DIY Mold Test kit to confirm or rule out fungal growth & identify the types present. (This includes Stachybotrys, often called...

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What they say about us

  • “I’m writing a week after I received the results. Bcs I’ve COMPLETELY LEFT EVERYTHING BEHIND living w my sister and focusing on getting my health taken care of suffering with chronic pneumonia!!! If you think for one second you have mold don’t wait to order the test, follow few steps, ship your envelope overnight and in 24 hours get your email results! I called the number included in the report bcs I wanted to be sure what I was reading! The technician was amazing breaking down my results of Aspergillus Mold levels off the charts AND dust mites levels off the charts! I’m a clean person so it can happen to anyone tidy or not so tidy! Figuring out my next steps, although being a renter today I contacted the Health Department and forwarded my results bcs my landlord was not so empathic (being nice with that comment)! I’ve contacted a Attorney that deals with Landlords/Renters with a very solid case of ticker tape of dr visits, medications that never helped over the past year & My MOLDetect Report!! That’s how important this kit is! It’s literally SAVED MY LIFE! Thank you to the company and caring staff!”

    – Ms. Leflureon -Amazon.com customer
  • “Very easy to use kit and the customer service is unparalleled — Mike is very available via phone or email to answer any and all questions. Highly recommended!”

    – Brian -Amazon.com customer
  • “If you find mold in your home and don’t want to guess at what you’re dealing with, I would highly recommend MolDetect for analysis. I bought the mold test kit right from their website and am very happy with my purchase. Susan, who I think is an owner, was extremely helpful in answering my questions and pointing me in the right direction. They will be able to tell you exactly what type of mold you have (by laboratory analysis by microscope), and they will send you a detailed lab report. I highly recommend MolDetect”

    – Kimberly -Amazon.com customer
  • “Once MOLDetect ran the test I got all the information I needed. They even sent me documents to not only educate me on the different Mold’s but they sent info for me to take the situation further if need be. Hopefully, I never have to go through a Mold situation again but if I do I will definitely use MOLDetect. I will also recommend this company to family and friends in a heartbeat!”

    – Amazon.com customer
  • “This is a very easy to use mold test kit. The professional report that comes with the report from the lab is a great asset to our business. This is a great kit to determine the presence of mold. Professional results from the lab, and the results are reported in a very timely manner. Will continue to use this kit in the future for my home inspection business.”

    – Kevin J. (Pratt, KS)
  • “Air samples are only a snapshot view of what is present in the air during the brief time of sampling (5-10 Min). Mold is intermittently released. It then settles in the dust. By testing settled dust with this surface tape lift test,you get a representation of what has been happening over a much longer period of time.”

    – Mike the Inspector (Madison, WI)
  • “Easy to use mold detection product. Fast results, good price. I will use again!”

    – Steve (USA)
  • “Great product, easy to use and very accurate. Seeing the mold is not required. Instead this product picks up the spores that are found in dust that has settled. Also the furnace filter is a great place to test because this shows what spores have been airborne and passed through the HVAC system.”

    – Professional Mold Inspector (Kansas City, MO)
  • “Easy to use, great customer service.
    BOTTOM LINE : Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.”

    – Steve (New York)
  • “I became a Home Inspector 5 years ago. I have tried every mold testing kit on the market and this one is the best. Easy to use. Great service. Very helpful and knowledgeable people in the company.”

    – Mold Inspector (Boca Raton, Florida)
  • “This is great product, good quality for that price. Simple and easy to perform, lab results excellent, detailed enough for the first step.”

    – Mila (North Carolina)
  • “I have used this product a number of times, on my own home, my mother’s home and other property I was considering for investment. Tells you if you have a mold problem and what to do about it if you do. Plus the owner is available, highly knowledgeable and able to explain all you needed to know about Mold.”

    – Bill (Oklahoma City, OK)
  • “A++, Highly recommend! The testing was cost effective, super easy & the service and turn-around time was exceptional (they emailed me the results on the same day they received the samples!) The lab results confirmed we had toxic black mold in a foreclosed house we are buying! We have an infant on the way, so the mold testing was paramount.Thanks again for an excellent experience! “

    – Amazon.com customer