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Why Test for Mold in Your Home, Business and/or School?

Finding and cleaning up indoor mold growth can result in major

Quality of Life Improvements:

  • Better Health!
  • Increased Productivity!
  • Lower Medical Costs!
  • Higher Property Values!
  • Less Potential for Lawsuits!
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Building Related Illness (BRI) and Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) are terms used when health symptoms are experienced during the occupancy of a building or home. Relief from these symptoms occurs after leaving the site. Complaints may include headache; eye, nose or throat irritation; frequent cough; fatigue; concentration/ memory difficulties; increased allergy symptoms; increase of asthma symptoms; skin rash; frequent infections and/or stomach issues.

Toxic/ Black Molds Have Been Implicated In:

  • Building Related Illnesses
  • Sick Building Syndrome!
  • Short term health problems
  • Long term health concerns

Toxic/ Black Molds along with other species of mold are well known to cause respiratory problems…

“All molds have the potential to cause health effects. Molds produce allergens, irritants, and in some cases, toxins that may cause reactions in humans. The types and severity of symptoms depend, in part, on the types of mold present, the extent of an individual’s exposure, the ages of the individuals, and their existing sensitivities or allergies.” (EPA)

And may be related to other ailments… 
“A wide variety of symptoms have been attributed to the toxic effects of fungi. Symptoms, such as fatigue, nausea, and headaches, and respiratory and eye irritation have been reported. Some of the symptoms related to fungal exposure are non-specific, such as discomfort, inability to concentrate, and fatigue.” (NYC Dept of Health)

Finally a reliable mold test kit