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Healthy family

Healthy Homes Are Worth it!

YOUR HEALTH… it is very important and more valuable than any sum of money.

With good health, you can always earn more money. With good health, you can enjoy the everyday pleasures in life. With decent health, the possibilities are limitless.

HOWEVER, if chronic health ailments weigh you down.… like severe headaches, rashes, repeated sinus or ear infections, allergies or asthma, extreme fatigue, stomach pains, immune problems, muscle or joint aches, burning eyes, a chronic cough, frequent nose bleeds, neurological symptoms…… quality of life is compromised, doctor visits and bills are higher, productivity and enjoyment of life is diminished.

A person may think he or she is taking all the necessary precautions to have a strong, healthy body—- eating right, getting plenty of rest, drinking a lot of water, exercising, and/or taking vitamins. HOWEVER, IF A PERSON HAS AN EXPOSURE TO INDOOR MOLD GROWTH….. AT HOME, WORK, OR SCHOOL …… this can result in adverse health symptoms.

IF THERE HAS at one time BEEN INDOOR WATER DAMAGE in your home, business or school from leaky pipes, ice dams, roof leaks, a clogged furnace hose, rainwater entry into the basement, leaks around the windows, toilet overflows, condensation, or wet carpet…..there is great likelihood of resultant INDOOR MOLD GROWTH and EXPOSURE TO ABNORMAL QUANTITIES AND TYPES OF FUNGAL SPORES that are capable of CAUSING ILLNESSES (including the symptoms listed above).

How can you learn if a mold problem may be contributing to health symptoms experienced? FLAPPAN CONSULTING offers several affordable options to investigate whether there is indoor mold growth that needs to be addressed. FCI has many years of experience in successfully resolving harmful mold exposures, so life can get back on track.

In 1997, Susan Flappan [owner of Flappan Consulting] set up a research program at Children’s Mercy Hospital to help determine why many allergy/ asthma patients were not responding to treatments, despite following their doctors’ recommendations. The most frequent finding (greater than 80% cases) was that most patients had significant abnormal mold exposures in their environment. Thus, no amount of medicine could overcome the environmental trigger levels. Once the indoor mold growth was properly remediated, health symptoms greatly improved or resolved.

Susan has been on television programs such as Dateline NBC (Conquering Indoor Allergies), Discovery Health Channel (Diagnosis Unknown: Home Invasion), and Channel 5 Chicago (Home Sick Home) for her expertise on the health hazards of indoor mold growth. She co-authored two case studies that were published in scientific journals (“Infant Pulmonary Hemorrhage in a Suburban Home with Water Damage and Mold”, Environmental Health Perspectives [11/99) and (“Improved Asthma Control Following Remediation of Environmental Stachybotrys”, Pulmonary Reviews, [4/99]). She has given talks to professionals at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the American Public Health Association (APHA), local and national environmental health groups, allergists and pediatricians. She is truly a mold expert.

To obtain the results you desire, do not select a mold company based on the lowest bid. This will likely turn out to be a waste of money, as there are imposters that perform voodoo mold evaluations and clean up.

Instead, invest wisely and hire a known expert… Flappan Consulting.