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Compare Mold Test Kits

Compare Mold Test Kits with MOLDetect

Experts say:

Tape-Lift Surface Samples Provide Valuable Mold Information!!

“Surface sampling may be used to (a) confirm the nature of suspected microbial growth on environmental surfaces, (b) measure the relative degree of biological contamination, and (c) identify the types of microorganisms and other biological agents present. Surface sampling is preferred over bulk sampling when a less destructive method of sample collection is desired.”
Bioaerosols, Assessment and Control, [ACGIH 1999], Section 12.2.1

[Surface tape sampling] “may help investigators decide if further sampling is indicated and may help them formulate recommendations for remediation.” Bioaerosols, Assessment and Control [ACGIH 1999], Section

Settle Plate Techniques (kits at hardware stores) Are Not Considered Scientific!!

“Settle plates do not collect airborne particles in a representative manner and do not reliably measure bioaerosol concentrations.” Bioaerosols, Assessment and Control [ACGIH ’99], Section

“The settling of particles by gravitation onto a culture plate or a microscope slide depends highly on particle size and is influenced strongly by air movement. Given the unpredictable and uncontrollable nature of ambient particle movement, investigators cannot directly relate the number of CFUs [mold colony forming units] on a settling plate…to the concentrations of the corresponding particles in the sampled environment Gravity samples should not be used even to determine the relative air concentrations of different microorganisms because of the method’s collection bias.” Bioaerosols, Assessment and Control [ACGIH 1999], Section 11.3.1

Cultures May Not Detect Important Molds!!

“Culture-based methods allow detection of only those organisms that are alive, in a condition to grow in culture, and able to successfully compete with the organisms in an environmental mixture. It is possible (and perhaps likely) that the majority of microorganisms in a particular sample are not identifiable with culture-based methods. The species most readily cultured from a given environment may not be the most prevalent or the most important species present.” Bioaerosols, Assessment and Control [ACGIH 1999], Section

“Viability of spores is not essential to toxicity, so that the spore as a dead particle can still be a source of toxin.” Harriet M. Ammann , Ph.D., D.A.B.T., Senior Toxicologist, Washington State Department of Health Is Indoor Mold Contamination a Threat to Health?

Be sure that the kit you choose–

  • Is easy-to-use!
  • Provides useful information
  • Identifies mold species
  • Detects Total spores (dead and alive)
  • Is analyzed by a qualified lab

Finally a reliable mold test kit